(NOTE: If you are tried of discussions of Donald Trump, skip down past the first three items. There’s other good stuff down below!)….

Michael Reagan doesn’t speak for his late father, of course, but he almost always acts as a reliable keeper of the flame. Here, he says Donald Trump isn’t the real deal.

When Trump came to Mobile, he excited a lot of people — some of whom remained excited after he left town — but he also left a lot of people feeling rather less enamored of him than before. I described it here, at National Review Online.

Trump claims to speak for the “little guy,” but in truth he uses power to try to force ordinary Joes out of their homes. See: Donald Trump and Eminent Domain, by Leon Wolf.

Meanwhile, the other most familiar name in the Republican field isn’t doing very well: Why Jeb’s Not Catching Fire, and Probably Never Will, by Troy Senik.

Now, onto other subjects, public standards are at serious risk, and out cities may become less livable because of it: The Smell of Public Disorder, by Brendan Kirby.

Bulldozing our history won’t solve anything, especially when you bulldoze a statue of a man who epitomized reconciliation: In New Orleans, Political Fashion (and Ambition) Clashes with Historic Preservation [re: Robert E. Lee], by the always insightful Ellen Carmichael.

Finally, more than one tribute to a wonderful lady of letters. Amy Apfel Kass, 1940-2015, by William Kristol.




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