This roundup will be abbreviated, to save time and space, this time without the author’s names listed. But follow the links for very good reading.

Fred Barnes reminds us that Hillary Clinton is entirely a Leftist. The Left lost, in practical terms, in the Supreme Court decision regarding the Little Sisters of the Poor. Speaking of poor, millennials have a very poor understanding of what socialism actually entails.

The lifetime conservative John Fund explains why Donald Trump’s tax returns are so important. And Jennifer Rubin, conservative on justice and economics and ethics and the military, is on a roll against Trump. (I just bumped up against a WaPo firewall because I clicked on too many stories for the month, so I urge you to Google her name and “Right Turn” to read some of her excellent pieces, because now I can’t provide the links here.) The superbly conservative Red State site has been on an anti-Trump mission as well, including here.

And, from where faith and secular culture meet, even a secular movie critic welcomes a growing place for faith in the world of popular films.



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