I invite you to read this interesting collection of articles, on widely divergent topics, below, in the return of the mostly weekly “Roundup.” — Quin

— The insightful, morally serious George Weigel writes in National Review Online about nightmares for Ukrainians, past and present, evilly inflicted by Russians. This is important.

— At the risk of giving the horrible Milo Yiannopoulos any more attention, since he deserves none, it is well worth readingDavid  French writing at NRO about how Milo represents the right’s current (and somewhat dangerous) “rage against the machine.” Really good stuff.

— Matt Lewis explains why Milo is an indication of the intellectual, ideational, and moral rot threatening to overtake the conservative movement. Also very insightful — but do not read if you will be offended by direct quotations of Milo’s vulgar freak show.

— Not enough people are paying attention to the fact that the Taliban is holding Westerners hostage. At the American Media Institute, Susan Keating explains the plight of two of them, and divulges what the Taliban hopes to gain from holding them. Very sad situation — and very well reported.


— Finally, at The Weekly Standard, Jeffrey Anderson reminds us of the terrible scourge of Obamacare, and lists its five worst aspects. It serves as a reminder of why this Congress and president will be seen as an utter failure if it doesn’t repeal and replace this horrendous system of health-care policies.