Pence, with half win, should not appeal judge’s ruling (March 28)

Pence makes good decision to testify (April 5)

Tim Scott’s gratitude to America is well merited (April 12):  I write to embrace the insight and wisdom of my colleague Tim Carney’s piece this morning on the presidential exploratory video of Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and to add appreciation for Scott’s heartfelt paean to America’s goodness.

Carney wrote of how important it was that Scott connects the dots between religious liberty and the “ladder of opportunity” to which Scott paid homage…. I merely wish to highlight another, complementary part of what Scott said. In a time when most of the dominant cultural institutions are pushing the narrative of a nation deeply flawed in its very foundation and laws, Scott says it is wrong to “indoctrinate our children to believe that we live in an evil country,” avers that “America is a land of opportunity, not a land of oppression,” and insists that this nation is “exceptional.”…

Asa Hutchinson needs to raise his game (April 2)

DoJ ignores what looks like leftist money-laundering (April 10): Democrats nationally appear to be financing their campaigns through a massive money laundering scheme. Only a corrupt Justice Department would fail to open a major investigation into this apparent criminality.

This is the second time in four years that conservative outlets have found compelling evidence of such left-wing financial shenanigans. This time, reporters identified numerous people who said large amounts of donations have been reported in their names even though they never actually made them….

Yes, Clarence Thomas should amend his reports, but it’s not a huge scandal (April 6):  It will be easy for the Left to make too much of a new report questioning the ethics of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, but conservatives should not make too little of it, either. Thomas was wrong not to disclose apparently free, luxurious trips as a guest of Texas billionaire Harlan Crow. He should amend the record, apologize for the lack of disclosure, pledge to observe disclosure rules more scrupulously in the future — and then move on…..


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