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Biden is way out of line against a late Trump appointee (Feb. 5): President Biden has precipitated a battle over a minor government post that could actually have semi-major ramifications for reining in presidential power. As is his wont, Biden is probably wrong. A court should issue an injunction against his action, at least long enough to consider the case on its merits….

Some ballot-integrity measures are desperately needed (Feb. 3): No, Donald Trump absolutely did not win the election. But yes, a lot of states allowed electoral practices that made ballot integrity difficult. Those practices must end, and better practices must be adopted….

Pelosi shouldn’t steal a House seat in New York for the Democrats (Feb. 5): (Note: After I wrote this, the Democratic candidate finally conceded, thus making moot this column.)

Phone call of Alabama’s Sen. Tuberville played key role in Trump impeachment timeline (Feb. 11): A report from my home-state senator, Tommy Tuberville, provides the final, necessary piece of evidence for the Senate to find Donald Trump guilty of an impeachable offense. Now, any senator who does not do so is effectively endorsing Trump’s deliberate, knowing attempt to put his own vice president’s life in danger.

Failure to convict now moves from what, as late as Wednesday night, I considered a still debatable “judgment call” to the realm of an unforgivable moral monstrosity.

The key new evidence comes from Tuberville, the freshman Republican senator from Alabama, who told reporters Wednesday some details and timing of his call with Trump during the Capitol proceedings.

To understand the importance of that call, some background is in order.

As the entire impeachment case developed, the key question always has been whether Trump did not merely encourage ordinary protests but instead knowingly encouraged the thugs who invaded the Capitol. We already knew that Trump did little or nothing to stem the tide once it had breached the building…






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