Five takes on the two nights of debate, several of them “live blogging” as they were still ongoing (as indicated below). Links are embedded in the headlines.

Listening to these leftist candidates is painful (live blog, June 26): 

I thought it was in the Geneva Conventions somewhere that nobody over 50 years old was allowed to be tortured by forced viewing of a debate among radical Democrats. I couldn’t find the clause. Maybe it’s in the Helsinki Accords. After all, the accords were aimed at protecting human rights against socialist abuses.

Really, this is as painful as listening to President Trump bloviate about fake news and Robert Mueller. Or about Ted Cruz’s father assassinating JFK. Or something.

By the standards of, oh, 1984, when substantive people like Walter Mondale, John Glenn, Fritz Hollings, and Gary Hart vied for the Democratic nomination, most of these candidates on stage tonight would have no business anywhere near a presidential debate. …

Tim Ryan wins on attitude if nothing else (live blog, June 26): 

One of the least known candidates on the Democratic stage tonight, Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, is the one most attuned to the electoral needs of his party.

Ryan eloquently emphasized that Democrats will have trouble winning if they are seen as bi-coastal, elitist, and academic, rather than reconnecting with blue-collar workers in Middle America, both geographically and culturally. That’s one big reason they lost to Donald Trump in 2016. Huge swaths of would-be Democratic voters don’t have any patience with the identity politics and crazy-left nostrums advanced by fake-Indian Harvard professors and Vermonters who honeymooned in Soviet Russia….

Dems pledging freebies to illegals will help ensure Trump victory (live blog June 27): All ten Democratic presidential candidates on stage tonight just gave a huge gift to President Trump by saying they would have government — meaning taxpayers — finance healthcare for illegal immigrants in this country. One need not be an anti-immigrant hard-liner to resent having illegal immigrants come here to gain free stuff, rather than work for it….

Kamala Harris barks up wrong tree in attacking Biden on race (live blog June 27): Contrary to the cheap shot attacks that Kamala Harris launched against him in tonight’s debate, Joe Biden is both correct about his record on civil rights and, if he gets the Democratic nomination, better politically positioned in this regard for the general election….Second, Harris went on an extended, impassioned bender criticizing Biden for having opposed federally mandated school busing in the 1970s. Fine. Let her attack him. Middle America hated forced busing, which is not and was not the same thing as desegregation. …

Radical Dems seem to think it’s shameful to put bad guys in prison (June 28): A perfect symbol to show how far-left and crazy the Democratic Party has become is that it was an attack line in Thursday night’s debate to say someone was a prosecutor….


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