(July 15) By the traditional, reasonable definition of “racism,” the Smithsonian’s National African American History Museum is now pushing claptrap so racist that conservatives and liberals alike are objecting to it.

It is racism of a radical-left variety, very much in line with the Smithsonian Institution’s quarter century or more of pushing leftist propaganda. As the Smithsonian is 62% federally funded, it should not be promoting such a contentious, ideological agenda as gospel.

Congress, by its nature unequipped to police the aggressive wokeness of cultural institutions effectively, should have begun phasing out taxpayer support for the Smithsonian long ago. But this new development should prompt members to threaten the entirety of the institution’s federal funding….

The leftists, though, have tried to hijack the word “racist” so that it only applies in the context of power relationships and so that it can flow only from whites (the “powerful”) toward members of other groups.

This is malicious nonsense, and its fruit is apparent in the museum’s malignant furtherance of racism under the guise of combating it.

Thus, after multiple paragraphs of increasingly benighted hogwash, the museum’s webpage excites itself into a lather against “aspects and assumptions of whiteness.” And, to be clear, whiteness is bad, evil, even, because whiteness, according to the museum, is by its very nature oppressive.

Within the lather and loam, we are made to feel that all of the following signs of evil whiteness are objectionable: individualism and “self reliance,” the “structure” of the “nuclear family,” the “scientific method” using “objective, rational linear thinking,” the “Protestant work ethic” emphasizing (Lord forbid!) that “hard work is the key to success,” and admonitions to “respect authority” and “plan for the future.”

Also unbearably white is a justice system that “protect[s] property,” a system in which “majority rules (when Whites have power),” and communication that involves “written tradition” and asks us to “be polite.”….

Rationality [of course] says this stuff is anti-civilizational tommyrot….

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