Two columns on Biden doing the wrong things, and why conservatives shouldn’t join him….

(Feb. 25) A federal judge in Texas was absolutely right to keep blocking a Biden administration order that would have halted all deportations of illegal immigrants for 100 days.

Biden’s order contradicts statutory law, so Federal District Judge Drew Tipton was right this week to enjoin it.

The Biden administration order, technically a memorandum from the Department of Homeland Security, purported to halt deportations so the Department of Homeland Security could conduct a comprehensive review of practices related to immigration enforcement. However, Tipton aptly noted in his Feb. 24 ruling that there is no reason the review should be dependent on suspending deportation laws. Indeed, his ruling allowed the rest of the DHS memorandum, the review, to go forward while only prohibiting Biden from stopping the deportation process itself.

While the administrative procedures involved in all this are somewhat complicated, the issue itself is rather simple. The president has a sworn duty to see that the laws are “faithfully executed.” Statutory law sets a specific process for the removal of illegal “aliens” that involves administrative procedures, special immigration courts, and appeals rights. The law says upon exhaustion of all these procedures, upon a final ruling by an immigration judge, that “when an alien is ordered removed, the Attorney General shall remove the alien from the United States within a period of 90 days.”

Again, the word is “shall,” not “may.”… [The full column is here.]

(Feb. 24) William Kristol has done more for conservatism and country than most of his carping critics combined, but his latest column is so off base that it requires a friendly rebuke.

Sorry, Bill, but conservatives and Republicans have no business allying themselves with President Biden.

Kristol addressed his column to longtime Republicans now disaffected by the party’s slavish obeisance to former President Donald Trump’s every whim, no matter how mendacious or malicious. Seeing them, us, lost in a new political wilderness, he says the “pretty obvious alternative” is to join forces with the (supposedly) “moderate” group who (supposedly) make up “the Biden wing of the Democratic party.”

The whole scenario is based on a fantasy that Kristol is far too intelligent actually to believe. The fantasy is that Biden is a political “moderate” by any reasonable standard….

[The full column is at this link.]


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