Two pieces related to court cases. (Links to full columns embedded in each headline.)

Unlike Trump, Pence has courage of convictions on abortion case (May 9): 

Former Vice President Mike Pence seems both prouder of Justice Samuel Alito’s pro-life draft decision and more confident in its political repercussions than does his onetime boss, former President Donald Trump.

The difference is surely due to Pence being deeply, personally committed to the right to life, while for Trump, the pro-life position was merely transactional politics.

First, Trump. As the headline in Politico put it, “Trump set the stage for Roe’s demise. For now, he doesn’t wanna talk about it.” Subhead: “A politician who never misses a chance to crow has gone quiet as a signature achievement nears.” After that article was published, Trump continued his reticence. Most outlets that covered Trump’s first big rally after the draft leak noted prominently that he barely mentioned the Supreme Court leak or abortion….

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.

District court rules for religious freedom (May 11): In the never-ending fight against denials of religious liberty and of basic biology and anatomy, credit the Alliance Defending Freedom , a legal aid group, for another interim but important victory.

A federal district court in Kansas granted a preliminary injunction on May 9 in favor of Pamela Ricard, a middle school math teacher and Alliance Defending Freedom client, in her case against the Geary County Schools Board of Education concerning gender-identity communications. The school system has a policy requiring teachers to call students by personally “preferred” names and pronouns matching the gender each student “identifies” as but then requires that when teachers communicate with parents, they use the given name and original gender pronoun.

In sum, the policy requires the teacher to kowtow to a child’s wishes but keep the parents in the dark about the child’s decision to identify as a different gender. The school thus requires the teacher to support gender-bending while lying to the parents about it….


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