Two Examiner pieces by Quin (follow the links embedded in the headlines):

Maybe there really was no collusion between Mueller and CNN While the FBI still has much to answer in its choice of a heavily armed, riot-gear raid for its arrest of political fixer Roger Stone, it now appears to me less likely that it, or special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, leaked news of the arrest in advance to CNN. … CNN already had reported that it was there outside Stone’s house because it put a few clues together…. For most of the day of the arrest, it was the draft indictment, not the filed one, that all reporters, not just CNN’s, had access to if they went to the special counsel’s web site….

Sen. Graham asked the FBI tough questions, but won’t answer ours

What was supposed to be a post updating the public on worrisome FBI tactics instead has become “Example Umpteen” of the arrogance and lack of transparency of elected officials.

In this case, the offender is Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., or at least his press staffers at the Senate Judiciary Committee of which he is chairman. Having boasted about talking tough to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Graham is now keeping mum about the results of his demand for FBI answers. He is now refusing to answer even a single question about his inquiries regarding civil liberties, public safety, and possible abuse of power.

In the wake of the FBI’s heavily armed, riot-gear arrest of political fixer Roger Stone as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia-related investigation, Graham made a big show of releasing a letter he had written Wray to demand an FBI briefing…. Graham gave the FBI a deadline of Feb. 5 to provide the briefing he rightfully demanded as part of the Senate’s legitimate role performing oversight of federal agencies. Then, though, Graham went quiet. The deadline came and went without comment…..



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