Two pieces on NPR. The link to each full piece is embedded in each headline.

Radical ‘journalists’ mar prestige outlets NPR and the New York Times, April 10: 

In the past 10 days, one brave column, along with the lack of internal outrage over a separate, truly awful column, together speak volumes about the ethical rot infecting the liberal legacy media.

Let’s take the awful column first. On April 8, the New York Times published a “guest essay” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict called “Two-State Solution is an Unjust, Impossible Fantasy.” Written by Tareq Baconi, “the president of the board of al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network,” the column clearly considers all of Israel to be “occupation of Palestinian territory” and calls for “a unity of struggle, built upon a unity of people and a unity of land,” meaning “a single state from the river to the sea” — under Palestinian control….

All of this serves as comparative backdrop for a courageous April 9 feature in The Free Press by Uri Berliner, a senior business editor at National Public Radio. Describing a situation at NPR remarkably similar to the New York Times’s radical zoo portrayed by deposed editorial page editor James Bennet, Berliner posits that the public radio behemoth has “lost America’s trust.”…..

Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for NPR’s garbage, official Washington Examiner editorial April 13: An insider account of National Public Radio published last week provides the latest evidence that the federal government should stop contributing money to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The original reasons for taxpayer support for TV and radio programming have long since been superseded by technological advances. With federal debt levels as large as the entire gross domestic product, the government should cut every superfluity, no matter how small. But the main reasons for cutting funding to NPR are not fiscal….



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