(Oct. 30) With polls showing President Trump having only the narrowest possible path to reelection, far narrower than in 2016, the importance of keeping a Republican Senate majority grows exponentially.

Already, a Trump loss would mean an old, weak, liberal Joe Biden would be president, with hard-left Kamala Harris waiting with a lean and hungry look, backed by a Democratic Party that, for 20 years, has moved markedly left-radical. With overwhelming sentiment in that party pushing serious and growing threats to kill the filibuster, pack the courts, and “transform the country,” the prospect of Democratic control of the presidency and both chambers of Congress should frighten not just conservatives but all people with centrist persuasions.

The public may not realize what a tectonic shift could occur if Senate Democrats eliminate the filibuster for ordinary legislation. Without the ability of a 41-member minority to extract concessions from the majority party, radicalized Democrats could ramrod into law, with the barest temporary majority, massive policy changes that would be difficult to undo. This sort of thing has never happened in the 232 years of our constitutional republic, but it could begin happening early next year if Democratic leaders follow through on their threats.

As it is, many millions of people favor Trump’s policies more than Biden’s but still plan to vote for Biden because of concerns about Trump’s character or stability. They may be under the misimpression that the constitutional system’s vaunted “checks and balances” will keep Biden from doing much damage too rapidly, regardless of which party controls Congress. They will be very wrong, however, if those slim Democratic majorities in Congress use their power to eliminate the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, and otherwise rig the system.

Without a Republican majority in the Senate to keep leftist Democrats in check, the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi team will be free to enact most of the recommendations of the “unity task force” created as a joint policy platform for Biden and socialist Bernie Sanders….

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