Sheriffs stir the pot to weed out legalization laws (June 25): 

When it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana, American lawmakers should listen to the nation’s sheriffs and just say no.

Or at least not yet — or not until one heck of a lot more research is done.

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reports that the National Sheriffs’ Association is urging both state and federal lawmakers to stop marching toward making pot legal, because jurisdictions that already have legalized it have experienced large spikes in crime and highway accidents. The sheriffs certainly believe that in this case, correlation and causation might be amply linked. Indeed, 84% of them said weed legalization is significantly responsible for increasingly impaired driving….

[The full piece is here.]

Crazy: A shooting victim is indicted for the death of her child (June 28): 

Here’s an awful story that is more evidence that when it comes to unborn babies, all sides have gone batty.

An Alabama grand jury indicted a woman for manslaughter after another woman fired a shot that killed the first woman’s unborn child. Even the woman who fired the shot that killed the child in utero says she doesn’t think the first woman should be charged with manslaughter…..

This all defies belief. [Read all about this mind-blowing case, and what I think it indicates, here.]

Bama Senate race gets Moore, and Merrill-y, fascinating (June 25): 

To the national media, the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alabama is all about Roy Moore, the famed “Ten Commandments” judge accused in 2017 of a history of improperly pursuing romantic relationships with teenagers. That focus is wrong.

The real race in Alabama, and a very interesting one, is for which Republican will qualify for a primary runoff election against Moore, for the right to face extremely vulnerable Democratic incumbent Doug Jones.

Secretary of State John Merrill entered the race June 25, bringing the GOP field to six candidates — five of them seen as viable. Two other potentials candidates also wait and watch, knowing the deadline for Republicans to submit qualifying papers isn’t expected to be until Nov. 8….. [The candidate-by-candidate rundown is at this link.]


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