Two blog posts:

Washington Post smears evangelicals, again

The Washington Post is up to its old, awful, anti-Christian tricks.

Twenty six-years, to the week, after being forced to retract a front-page description of evangelical worshippers as “poor, uneducated and easy to command,” the Post ran this online headline Feb. 7: “At the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump is likely to play on white evangelicals’ fears.”

These are, of course, familiar tropes from the media — namely that traditional-values Christians, white ones, of course, because they don’t want to deal with the diversity of Christians, are driven by fear, and so stupid that they’re easy for political leaders to manipulate or “play on.”

The article’s actual text takes a while to reach that point explicitly. But after numerous paragraphs of insinuating as much, reporters Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Julie Zauzmer give us the thoughts of Kristin Du Mez, “a historian at Calvin College, who has a forthcoming book on evangelical masculinity and militarism.”

Paraphrasing at first, the reporters write that “conservative evangelicals are used to seeing male leaders like Trump who promise to protect them against malevolent outside forces, according to Du Mez…

[The rest of this piece by Quin Hillyer is here.]

 Worship, and be happy

Devoutly religious people are repressed and depressed, with pursed-lip visages and censorious attitudes they cannot suppress. Just ask Hollywood or the establishment media — they’ll tell you so. And the more devout, the worse, until somebody becomes like the mother of the title character in the 1970s horror flick “Carrie,” so wigged out by boys asking out her daughter that she locks Carrie in a tiny closet with a kitschy statue of Jesus.

It’s all balderdash, of course. The Pew Research Center released a major survey on Jan. 31 showing that actively religious people are the happiest in the United States. Oh, and in Japan, too. And also in Australia, Singapore, Peru, Germany, and indeed all but six of the 26 nations from which Pew compiled data….

[The full article is at this link.]