Three stories last week by Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines;

Lib pundits: Left, or Hard Left?

At least until the latest Trump-Russia emails emerged, it was the national Democratic Party which had been stumbling around so badly that analysts across the political spectrum were noting its haplessness.

At CNN Politics, the center-left Chris Cillizza began his latest feature by announcing that “the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party is on.” Cillizza, who has become almost the prototypical “voice of conventional wisdom” in Washington media, continued: “The party is in a political desert the likes of which they haven’t seen in decades…. [Full story linked at headline, and here.]


Complications for bill stopping terrorist financing

A bill aimed at curbing Palestinian support for terrorism is experiencing a few stumbles in the U.S. Senate even though the basic thrust of the bill enjoys broad, bipartisan support.

The Taylor Force Act, named after a U.S. Army veteran (and West Point graduate) who was killed by a Palestinian terrorist while on a civilian trip to Israel in March of 2016, would halt U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority unless the PA stops a program of its own that subsidizes terrorism.

The Palestinian program compensates terrorists convicted by Israeli courts and provides payments for family members of terrorists killed while attacking Israelis…. [Link here.]

Rand Paul pushes for gun rights in health bill

A group called Gun Owners of America (GOA) released a blast e-mail on Thursday praising Paul’s pledge to introduce to the health bill three amendments to protect gun owners’ rights…. [Link here.]