George Will has been an intellectual guide of mine for 35 years, but I take strong issue with a recent column where he said the world is, comparatively speaking, not very dangerous right now. Very strong issue:

Will doesn’t even mention Iran, which now stands closer to the ability to project devastating power than at any time since its murderously fanatical reign began in 1979. As Iran relentlessly approaches the nuclear-breakout point, the American president looks on not with horror, and not determined to call a halt, but with tacit approval.

Please follow the link above to see why pessimism is warranted — and why it can be a good thing, if dealt with wisely.

Meanwhile, even the Wall Street Journal’s news pages go the politically correct route of pretending that Islamists — not mere Muslim, but Islamic fundamentalists — can be “moderate.” I take issue with the WSJ’s fairness and balance. here.


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