by Quin Hillyer;

Last week, the Georgetown College Republicans, helped by Young America’s Foundation, was kind enough to host me for a speech defending free speech on college campuses, against the scourge of “safe zones,” “trigger warnings,” speech codes, and radical campus unrest.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The Georgetown Voice did a good job covering it. I just now see that The HOYA covered it too. Both were straightforward, just-the-facts, fair news stories, which I appreciate. I like seeing campus journalists get it right. (One tiny note: In an understandable mis-hearing, the HOYA quoted me saying “wrinkle” when my real word was “rankle.”)

For those who for some reason want to see the whole speech, it is on You Tube. (Hint: Turn up the volume both at You Tube and on your own computer to the highest setting: I am told I spoke loudly enough to easily be heard at the back of the room, but the recorder level was low.)

(The speech came about in large part as a response to this controversy last year.)


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