Biden appointee tells UN that evil America must pay ‘reparations’ (June 7, Examiner editorial):

President Joe Biden seems to want his own appointee to tell the rest of the world there is “a continuation of slavery ” in the United States and that black people merit “ reparations ” under terms dictated by black recipients.

Howard law professor Justin Hansford is the latest example of the Biden administration appointing radicals to push extreme ideas unconnected with the centrist politics to which Biden pretends he adheres. Either the ancient Biden is not in charge or he is a loony leftist . Maybe both….

Democratic senators again push Supreme Court packing scheme (May 22, Examiner editorial):

Many Democratic leaders just won’t give up their nefarious court packing schemes. They also keep repeating flagrant falsehoods to support the idea.

Last week, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and other Democrats introduced a bill to expand the Supreme Court from nine seats to 13. The goal, obviously, is to rig the high court for the Left to take over what is considered a 6-3 conservative majority….

A history lesson…: Not a single Democratic Supreme Court nomination in more than half a century has been in doubt, and no Democratic nominees to appellate courts have been subjected to personal character assassinations the way Republican nominees have.

The bullying has all been from one side — Markey’s side. The most egregious bullying of all would be to let Markey and his ilk change the makeup of the Supreme Court for purely partisan gain….

Removal of IRS team on Hunter Biden: If it quacks like a cover-up…. (May 21, Examiner editorial, draft version): With the allegation that the entire IRS team investigating presidential son Hunter Biden has been removed from the case at the Justice Department’s unusual behest, suspicions about an improper cover-up should reach “Red Alert” status.

Five full years after federal authorities first began investigating the younger Biden’s business dealings, not a single charge yet has been filed despite what looks like copious evidence against him. With at least two whistleblowers saying they have evidence of a cover-up, combined with the intelligence community’s well-publicized actions to spike the story of Hunter Biden’s embarrassing laptop contents, an observer can be faulted for seeing a resemblance to a mafia omertà pact….


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