(Oct. 7) Herschel Walker should announce he will forswear service in the Senate — but with a twist.

Start with this, though: It is long past time for national and state Republicans and Walker himself to admit he has ethically disqualified himself from public service. It was already pushing the limits of forbearance for someone to run as a Christian conservative while having fathered three children out of wedlock, all to different women, years after beginning to repeatedly blast other men who create fatherless homes.

It’s the hypocrisy, people — and that’s just to start with.

It was already asking a lot from voters to elect as a senator a man with a dangerous personality disorder that could reappear any time he forgets to take medications. Or who repeatedly is caught in other lies — that is, when he isn’t blathering ignorant nonsense about our “good” air having “decided” to “float over to China’s bad air.”

Now, though, he’s asking too much. A candidate who wants to make abortions illegal for other people should not have paid a woman to abort his own child (and one, at that, with whom he allegedly has another child out of wedlock). Or at least not without having done something absolutely dramatic, at least in private, to show contrition. With receipts for the abortion, receipts for a check Walker sent her within five days thereof along with a “get well” card, and other supporting details, the woman almost surely is telling the truth, while Walker, yet again, is almost certainly lying about it.

In sum, Walker has done nothing to show he is ethically, experientially, or temperamentally fit for service in the Senate. For supposedly “Christian conservative” activists to say anything else is repugnant hypocrisy.

On the other hand, Georgia voters do deserve a choice. …. [To see how Walker and Republicans can still give them a choice, of sorts, please follow this link here.]


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