Two from Liberty Headlines, by Quin Hillyer (follow the links in the headlines):

Trump’s Wobbly Nominee in Hawaii:

Despite all the flak President Trump has received from Democrats for his generally conservative judicial nominees, one nominee is drawing more opposition from the political Right than from liberal Democrats.

Some conservatives, though, say nominee Mark Bennett is the best Trump can push through from the liberal state of Hawaii.

In an 18-2 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee last week approved Bennett, a longtime Republican activist and former Hawaii attorney general under moderate Republican governor Linda Lingle, for a spot on the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Every Democrat voted for Bennett, but conservative Republicans Ted Cruz of Texas and Ben Sasse of Nebraska opposed him.

The nomination now goes to the full Senate, where some conservative groups hope to rally opposition.

The group Gun Owners of America not only is strenuously opposing Bennett’s nomination, but trying to raise money for the battle…..

Alabama Sues Against Aliens in Census:

The nation’s decennial census is now becoming the latest skirmish in the political war over illegal immigration.

Two Alabama office-holders on Monday filed suit in federal district court against the Census Bureau’s plans to include illegal immigrants in its official count of a state’s residents.

Attorney General Steve Marshall and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks note in the suit that states with relatively few illegals, such as Alabama, lose representation in Congress and the presidential Electoral College if the aliens are part of the census count.

Indeed, Marshall said projections show Alabama will lose one of its seven House seats, and one of its nine electoral votes, under current Census plans.

A group called the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) explained the problem: “Because illegal aliens should not even be in the country, and other nonimmigrants such as foreign students and guest workers are here only temporarily, it makes no sense to distribute Congressional seats as if these foreign nationals deserved representation the same as American citizens.”….