Three news-aggregation pieces by Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines. Follow the links embedded in the headlines for the full stories.

Unions Drag Feet in Following Court Decision:

After a key Supreme Court case earlier this year reinstating workers’ rights against union bosses, public-sector workers across the country are starting to opt out of union membership.

However, some unions or government employers are making the opt-out more difficult through slow compliance with the court ruling….

GOP Health Policies Work, but Get Little Attention:

Who knew that Republicans have greatly improved the nation’s health-policy outlook?

Few voters heard this message from Republican candidates this year, but three separate, carefully-argued opinion columns in the campaign’s closing days made the case that Republicans in the past two years have significantly driven down health-care costs while expanding both the amount of choices for care and (despite leftist warnings) the number of people covered by health insurance….

Anita Hill Blasts Susan Collins:

Law professor Anita Hill may not willingly give up her status as queen of the unlikely sexual-affront allegation.

Hill—whose claims that her one-time boss Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her in the 1980s nearly derailed Thomas’ 1991 confirmation to the Supreme Court—spoke this week at a special #MeToo course for a gender studies professor at the University of Southern California Dornsife.

There, Hill weighed in on the recent confirmation hearing for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in which Kavanaugh was wildly accused of a series of decades-old sex-related misbehaviors.

After outlining a series of accusatory questions she would have liked to ask Kavanaugh, Hill blasted Maine’s Republican Sen. Susan Collins for voting to confirm Kavanaugh and insinuated that Collins’s decision was purely political, rather than based on the merits….


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