Five different pieces showing the depths to which leftist and woke culture descends, and the damage it does. (Links to each full column embedded in each headline.)

Expel the Stanford crybullies, and fast, please (March 14): If Stanford and other universities ever start punishing faculty members for abetting the abridgement of free-speech principles, they should crack down just as hard on those directly guilty of shouting down guest speakers – namely, the totalitarian tots who pretend to be students.

Indeed, colleges and especially law schools should implement systems that show no mercy to speech deniers. Punishment should be swift, sure, and significant…..

Stanford Law dean eventually gets it very, very right (March 23):  Free speech and open academic inquiry received unexpectedly powerful defenses this week from a Stanford Law School dean whose earlier statements had been disappointingly tepid. College administrators nationwide should follow her later example…..

Veterans Adminstration drops Lincoln quote in gender conniption fit (March 20):

The Biden administration’s obsession with “gender inclusivity” has reached the level of farce with its decision to drop the Abraham Lincoln quote that for decades has served as the motto of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To these woke obsessives, history and tradition don’t matter, nor do great intentions, nor do associations with a man of noble character and his noble cause. All that matters are bland nods to the newest version of the lowest common denominator of performative inclusivity….

Why National Trust for Historic Preservation is being sued by Oatlands manor (March 22):  Rather than fight a lawsuit from the governing board of the Virginia house and gardens known as Oatlands, the revamped management team of the National Trust for Historic Preservation should pick up the phone to make amends….

Montpelier and the SPLC push CRT on Virginia tots (March 24): Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) and state Attorney General Jason Miyares should examine how James Madison’s Montpelier and the radical, discredited Southern Poverty Law Center may be indoctrinating Albemarle County students with tenets akin to critical race theory….


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