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Garland uses ‘special counsel’ law in corrupt manner (Aug. 12): Friday’s appointment of a “special counsel” to oversee the case of presidential son Hunter Biden was bizarre on its own. It also continues a years-long trend in which conservatives justly believe the Justice Department is outrageously biased leftward.

It is that second subject that bears more elucidation….

The whole thing smells like week-old fish.

Then again, the Justice Department, FBI, and other federal security agencies have exuded the stench of rotten fish for years…..

Special counsel Weiss cannot be trusted (official Washington Examiner editorial, Aug.24): Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of U.S. Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the Biden family investigation has become an insult to the public. Garland should replace Weiss with somebody fit for the job.

Weiss was an outlandish choice from the start, but new revelations make it look even worse. By law, logic, Garland’s earlier claims about Weiss’s authority, and Weiss’s performance, he isn’t a reasonable option…..

The non-Trump Georgia indictments look like the strongest ones, alas (Aug. 15): Despite Republicans complaining that Monday’s Georgia election-related indictments amount to massive prosecutorial overreach, at least a few of the charges appear focused, straightforward, and reasonable.

Former President Donald Trump, though, is not charged in those more clear-cut indictments.

Here’s the irony: Those indictments charge the defendants with the very thing they spent months falsely accusing the other side of doing: committing election fraud by, among other things, working to gain illicit access to and tampering with voting machines. …

No, the 14th Amendment doesn’t (yet) disqualify Trump from the ballot (Official Washington Examiner editorial, Aug. 30):  Whatever you think of Donald Trump, don’t fall for the suddenly fashionable but bogus claim that the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment has already disqualified the former president from returning to the White House.

Despite good-faith arguments by constitutional scholars and some not-so-good-faith scheming by Trump opponents, the theory fails the tests of logic, practicality, and democratic principles….




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