Media refuse to report when a mass killer is transgender (March 28):  One of the biggest reasons a large segment of the public loathes the liberal media, namely the media’s egregious, ideological double standards, has been on full display in coverage of Monday’s school shooting in Nashville.

The media have bent over backward to downplay, or even refuse to report entirely, the fact that the shooter had been “identifying” as a gender not actually her own.

This is not to say the shooter’s transvestite or transgender status necessarily has anything to do with her murderous rampage, although some early signs indicate it may have played a role. Until more is known about her motives, the transgender status merits mention just as one of many factoids, one not heavily stressed, and certainly not to indicate that others of transgender status are more likely to have homicidal tendencies….. [Still], The message is clear: The media will bend over backward to kowtow to transgender ideology when it benefits the gender bender yet will also do backflips to hide a transgender status if somebody might draw negative inferences….

Conservatives OVER-obsessed on killer’s transgender status (March 29): Many conservative media outlets transgressed just as badly as liberal establishment media did in covering Monday’s school shooting in Nashville.

I blasted the establishment media yesterday before I saw the conservative journalistic sins. Fairness requires that both sides be held to account….

Both sides are hypocritical when it comes to mobs in legislative chambers (April 8):  Liberals should stifle the caterwauling about the Tennessee legislature’s expulsion of two of its members for leading a raucous protest on the legislative floor itself.

Likewise, though, not a single conservative who has tried to downplay the far worse incursion at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, should say a word in favor of the expulsion….

WaPost defames conservatives, as usual (April 9):  In a despicable double-sin of journalistic bias and unjustified racial agitation, the Washington Post exemplified Sunday why so many people hate, repeat hate, the establishment media. The antipathy is not unreasonable.

The story in Sunday’s Washington Post was a continuation of the overall media freakout about the Tennessee legislature expelling two of its members for leading a raucous protest inside the state House chamber itself, a protest that blocked legislative business….

Media doesn’t care when florists won’t serve Republicans (April 13):  Now that a Tennessee florist has refused to serve Republicans , can we eagerly await the New York Times editorial saying the florists should be punished for the refusal?

Will any liberal media outlet even raise an eyebrow?…



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