I was the first to call on Biden to resign (Aug. 18):President Joe Biden should resign in disgrace.

Seriously. As I have argued for decades , it is long past time for American politicians to adopt the Asian cultural model of resignations, as a matter of honor, for gross failures or derelictions. A “culture of shame ” would do much to restore faith in our institutions by reasserting a sense of personal responsibility to a political culture most see as being more about personal aggrandizement…. [Full column here.]

Trump set the stage for this debacle (Aug. 24): Former PresidentDonald Trump should stifle his criticisms of President Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan. While Biden clearly merits the lion’s share of the blame , Trump set the disaster in motion, and there is little reason to believe Trump would have handled the endgame any better. … [Full column here.]

Yes, there were plenty of ways Biden could have done this better (Aug. 20): President Joe Biden in his Friday press conference on Afghanistan again dodged the single most important question, the one most relevant to why the situation there became such a debacle.

The perspicacious question, the final one asked in the pathetically abbreviated press conference, came from National Public Radio’s Scott Detrow.

“Can you just fully explain,” Detrow asked, “why the plan wasn’t to go ahead with these evacuations of both Americans and allies before the drawdowns began, before Bagram was closed?”… [Full column here.]

Liz Cheney schools the national security advisor (Aug. 22): Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming had a perfect rejoinder for the misdirectional pettifoggery of national security adviser Jake Sullivan on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. … [Full column here.]

U.S. alienated Afghanis with gender wokeness (Aug. 19): Perhaps one reason the United States failed to create a functioning government in Afghanistan is that it tried to force woke ideology on the Afghan people at gunpoint.

The U.S. government was determined to export American notions of “gender equity” to a culture in which the concept is utterly foreign. This was more than just basic decency, such as trying to ensure that girls can go to school rather than being forced into a lifetime of sex slavery. Instead, it involved at least $787 million in U.S. funds spent over there (as of March) for “gender programs.” This, even though (according to Richard Hanania of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology) “there is no Dari or Pashto word for the terms ‘gender’ and ‘gender equality.’”… [Full column here.]


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