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Graham’s defense of McCain should make Trump apologize (March 26): 

If President Trump is owed apologies from those who jumped the gun by claiming he clearly was guilty of illegal conspiracy, then Trump himself owes apologies to Robert Mueller for so often impeaching Mueller’s integrity and to John McCain for saying McCain improperly handled the famous Steele dossier that played a big role in what became the Mueller investigation.

It is the latter claim that merits attention now, because Trump’s vociferous ally, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, finally has set the record straight on McCain’s actions….

Joe Biden is wrong: Anita Hill wasn’t wronged (March 28): … The reality is, Hill likely was more Jussie Smollett than Megyn Kelly….

Joe Biden’s ‘white men’s culture speech wasn’t all bad (March 29): Upon further review, Joe Biden was more on target than you might think in the major speechhe gave Tuesday evening. His main point was that we all must “change the culture” that allows or encourages women to be victimized by sexual assault. Cutting through a lot of typically Bidenesque effluvia, the former vice president is right at least on that point….

The high court should rein in bureaucrats. So should Congress. (March 28): On the same day the Supreme Court heard a challenge to its own habit of blithely deferring to executive agencies’ interpretation of ambiguous regulations, a group of Republican senators introduced a bill that would specifically direct the court in future cases to be less deferential….

Letting anti-Semites define down anti-Semitism (March 25):

It may be a cliche to compare a situation to a fox guarding the henhouse, but sometimes cliches offer real insight. Three Minnesota lawmakers are doing the fox-henhouse routine by proposing that anti-Semitic Islamist organizations be engaged to convene a task force on anti-Semitism.

Their sneak attempt to redefine anti-Semitism would be mere silliness if it weren’t part of a repeated strategy of making Islamists the arbiters of what is and isn’t allowable to say and do against Jews…..


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