By Felix Veritas

By now everyone’s aware of Donald Trump’s escalating poll numbers and increasing traction among Republican voters. While his opposition – both GOP and Democrat – dismiss it as merely celebrity, the truth is Trump struck a nerve in the conservative voter…the same nerve Rush Limbaugh found in the late 80s when conservative talk radio took off.

When Limbaugh first hit the airwaves, liberal news was the only option. Conservatives tolerated Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings’ nightly spin until an alternative voice hit the scene. Then on a daily basis, in unison millions of afternoon radio listeners — starved for validation that their traditional values weren’t fringe like the TV guy said – sang out triumphantly, “That’s what I think!” And so a media sensation – and alternative news medium – was born.

In Trump’s case, he punched the bully in the nose. He feeds a similar, starving characteristic of the American psyche – the Pam Grier/Chuck Norris element that says “I’ll play nice as long as you play nice. But do me wrong, and I’ll kick you’re a–.” Frankly, you’re not a conservative if you haven’t screamed at the TV while liberal talking heads accuse Republicans of intentionally starving children and old folks, hating the poor, and poisoning the environment. Sadly, conservative and GOP (not all GOP are conservative) pols bend over and gleefully take these lies, and have as long as I can remember. If a defense is offered, it’s usually a genial confection which the opposition spits in the trash can.

But not Trump. And when he blasted NBC’s Katy Tur for her ignorance on immigration, or hammered CNN’s Anderson Cooper for not questioning Hillary Clinton’s ‘birther’ claims regarding Obama, millions of frustrated voices stood and shouted “Damn right!”

Certainly Trump’s policy position resonates with some voters’ minds, but his style is winning their hearts. Conservatives are sick of milquetoast leaders who won’t call out liberal lies (and they’re plentiful), and take propagandist ‘reporters’ to task. They’re tired of the same attitude that said “We (Congressional GOP leaders) won’t defund Obamacare, the Supreme Court will take care of that for us.” Trump represents the confident, do-it-yourself mentality most Americans still admire. In truth, it’s what we all crave from our leaders, be they elected officials, pastors, coaches, scoutmasters…or even parents. I agree he goes overboard when not necessary (bashing Charles Krauthammer? Come on, Donald), but for most that’s like the chilly air in Green Bay’s Lambeau Field in December – it’s just part of it. And honestly, I think it’s becoming part of the endearment.

So wake up, GOP. Forget the “Let’s reach across the aisle and get along” attitude. The other side doesn’t want to get along. They want you gone.

The truth is WE’RE RIGHT. Liberal policies hurt people; they create more economic dependence, worse schools, more international upheaval, and generally more harm for every individual (besides elected Democrats) in the entire country.


Start acting like it, talking like it, and telling people the truth about how bad liberal ideas are (hello Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore…it ain’t that hard) vs. the conservative solutions offered to all citizens of every race and economic strata.

Now go kick a–.

This is the next installment in our series of contributions by a mysterious denizen of Mobile, Alabama, named “Felix Veritas.” I promise that I am not Felix and Felix is not I. In fact, there will surely be times when I disagree with Felix; in fact, in this case, while I agree with Felix’s point about why Donald Trump is gaining support, the truth is that Trump makes my skin crawl, and I don’t think he has the temperament or judgment to be president.
Anyway, Felix is very thoughtful and a terrific auto-didact, with a great sense for “the big questions” of culture and politics. I am delighted to have his contributions to this site. Please be on the lookout for more, in the coming months. — Quin


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