(Nov. 29)  Georgia Republican Herschel Walker isn’t fit to serve in the Senate, but neither is incumbent radical Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. For voters in the broad political middle, the safest choice, by far, is Walker.

Yes, Republicans should never have nominated Walker, and even after nominating him, they should have tried to find a way to provide voters with another choice. Still, with President Joe Biden trying to govern as an uncompromising leftist and at least 50 Democratic allies for him already in a 100-member Senate presided over by his extremist vice president, Kamala Harris, there is not much Walker can do to cause harm to the public weal. His vote and his behavior can’t momentously hurt public policy.

Walker’s vote can, however, help block the worst of the Biden-Harris-Chuck Schumer excesses. They are excesses that the awful Warnock would be supporting wholeheartedly but that Walker’s single vote might stop.

Even on the level of character, Warnock is at least as compromised as Walker. The latter’s campaign is close to the mark as it portrays Warnock as a race-baiting, hate-excusing, dictator-promoting, Marxist-sympathizing, campaigncheating, financially unethical, heartless slumlord. And his voting record is so extremely leftist as to be a horrible fit for a large majority of his Georgia constituents. [PLEASE FOLLOW THOSE INTERNAL LINKS. WARNOCK REALLY IS BAD NEWS.]

Warnock will vote for every radical nominee Biden puts forward for the judiciary, the executive branch, or quasi-independent agencies. Walker won’t. With Walker’s vote, the Senate can still block the worst of the nominees if even one centrist Democrat, such as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), decides Biden’s choice is just too much to stomach. Right now, for example, judicial nominee Nancy Gbana Abadu languishes, unconfirmed, for the federal appeals court overseeing Georgia cases. She is an extremist who works for the scandal-ridden, utterly discredited, hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center. She argues not only that a requirement for voter identification but even a mere requirement that voters actually be citizens is “voter suppression.” If Warnock becomes the 51st rather than the 50th Democratic senator, Abudu surely will be confirmed. If Walker is in the Senate, she won’t be….. [AND YES, THERE’S MORE. For the rest of the column, follow this link.]


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