(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) The left wing of the Democratic Party – if a left wing itself can be said to have another wing on its left side – made it clear last weekend that it detests even politically successful semi-moderation.

And Massachusetts’ senior U.S. Senator, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, is playing hard to the left-of-left activists. Speaking at the annual, hard-left “Netroots” conference held last weekend in Atlanta, Warren denigrated reforms accepted by President Bill Clinton (often pushed on him against his will by a Republican Congress) that proved tremendously popular with majorities of the American public.

“While not invoking former President Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton by name,” reported WITN in Greenville, N.C., “Ms. Warren sent an unambiguous message that she believes the Clinton effort to push Democrats toward the political center should be relegated to history.” The report quoted her, with specific reference to those two most familiar Clinton-era policies, as saying that “The Democratic Party isn’t going back to the days of welfare reform and the crime bill. It is not going to happen.”

She described successful anti-crime bills from the 1990s as “locking up non-violent drug offenders,” even though the Clinton-era federal anti-crime packages were specifically aimed at only violent offenders. And of welfare reform – which cut in half the number of Americans on the biggest federal dole program while saving tens of billions of dollars, reducing joblessness, and significantly reducing the poverty rate – Warren portrayed it as “ripping more holes in our economic safety net.”…

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