Six different ways, on impeachment and otherwise, that national Democrats are acting unfairly toward Trump, or corruptly, or crazy-radically on policy. (Presented in the order they were published. Full columns are available through links embedded in the headlines.)

Yes, the Bidens are ethically compromised (Sept. 24). Whether or not Hunter Biden broke any laws his business arrangements in Ukraine were overtly sleazy.

This is an unavoidable truth, especially when they are taken in context as part of a pattern of odd and lucrative foreign business dealings. This includes a bank deal in China that his father Joe Biden, the former vice president, directly enabled by ferrying his son on Air Force Two on an official diplomatic trip to the Orient.

Even if President Trump quite evidently abused his office by pressuring Ukraine to re-open an investigation into the Bidens, that doesn’t mean the Bidens, especially Hunter, can be excused for their unethical behavior.

Most of this involves matters of nonformal ethics, meaning unwritten norms of behavior that most people recognize even in the absence of written strictures. That which is not technically illegal can still be very wrong….

Even if impeachment is warranted, Pelosi is doing it very wrongly (Sept. 25). Even though the House has ample reason to impeach President Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is launching the official impeachment probe in the wrong way. Pelosi announced the beginning of the House investigation on her own authority. This step defies historical precedent and official prior understandings of how the process should work….

In blasting the Director of National Intelligence, Schiff and Democrats abused their power (Sept. 26). 

Pelosi adds to the ways she is trampling on Trump’s rights. (Oct.3).

Pelosi, not Trump, is to blame for Ambassador Sondland not testifying (Oct. 8.)

Dem presidential contenders favor secret HIV transmission and tax-funded sex-changes for prisoners (Oct. 11). 


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