By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner;

The Left is waging a particularly nasty culture war this year, which means all conservatives and moderates of good will must rally to defeat it at the ballot box two weeks hence.

The Left’s dishonest, vicious treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t a unique response to unique circumstances, but rather a mere sample of what is now its standard operating procedure. That standard set of savage strategies threatens every one who doesn’t fall in line – especially (but not only) people who have committed the egregious sin of being born white – or, worse yet, white, male, and heterosexual.

Poor Kavanaugh, as the ultimate example of “ white privilege and patriarchy,” was assumed from the moment he was nominated to be guilty of something. For Senate Democrats, his guilt was not in question; the only hard part was determining how that guilt was manifest. First, he must have been a perjurer – until Washington Post fact-checkers repeatedly exploded those claims. Senate Democrats tried claiming he is going to criminalize birth control – but that, too, was a bald-faced lie. They also wrongly accused him of complicity with the Bush administration’s very rare use of somewhat torturous interrogation procedures.

So when Christine Blasey Ford publicly lobbed her bombshell accusation Kavanaugh’s way, the Left just substituted it for all their other claims of his guilt.

For their purposes, any guilt would do….

[Later in the column:]

Again, though, this effort to “dismantle a toxic system” is not just about Kavanaugh, not just about judges, and not just about white patriarchy. The Left sees these as fronts in a wider, civilizational struggle. The struggle is against the Constitution. It’s also against what once were accepted as “middle American” values – the assumptions that child-rearing is best done within marriages; that norms of public behavior should be observed; that people are not entitled to things they haven’t earned through hard and patient work; that individual liberty and responsibility go hand in hand; that competition and the free market lead to prosperity; and that cultural norms and common sense, not bureaucracies and courts, should be the primary enforcers of civic (and civil) cohesion….

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