Harvard, hoist on its own petard: Asian-American groups accuse Harvard of discrimination, by Camille Cava of CNN.

How broken-windows policing empties prisons and jails, by George Kelling, New York Post.

Lawmakers had 10 months to fix broken transportation funding. They didn’t do anything. By Michael Sargent, The Daily Signal.

Here, Jonah Goldberg is absolutely on fire, in describing how malevolently the House of Clinton operates: The Goldberg File, from NRO.

Now, if there is one piece you absolutely must read this week, or this month, it is this example of Peggy Noonan hitting on all cylinders, telling today’s college kids to grow up and stop whining about their feelings getting hurt. She is devastating, and she is absolutely right: The trigger-happy generation.

(I wrote on a similar topic a few weeks ago.)

Finally, from the world of sports, here’s Jack Nicklaus, gracious as ever, on the passing of the amazing Calvin Peete.