This time we start with the world of sports… because while I’m not a big fan of Tiger Woods (but also not a big detractor either), this shows real heart, and is a must-read article:
Former stutterer Tiger Woods writes letter to young boy being bullied, by Ron Sirak;

Conservatism Is In Full Retreat This Legislative Session, by Scott McKay;

Obama Administration Admits It Violated Judge’s Order to Halt Implementation of Immigration Plan, by Hans von Spakovsky;

J. Christian Adams on Fox: Some DOJ Lawyers in Division Probing Baltimore PD Worked for Anti-Police Orgs, by David Steinberg;


GOP senators’ pro-Congressional exemption from Obamacare crusade draws scorn — from America, by Jenny Beth Martin.

My friend Dorsey Bronson has an exciting project (and I’ve tried one of her recipes, and it’s terrific!): Cookbook helps keep Choctaw-Apache Tribe’s legacy alive, by Tammy Smith;

…. and, rather than the “thoughtful Left,” here’s a discussion of how and why most of the Left is not thoughtful, but instead asinine and nasty: Liberals Peer into Your Heart and See the Darkness Inside, by David French


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