Marco Rubio Is Right about Ex-Im, by Veronique De Rugy;

Conservative House Freedom Caucus Comes Out Against Export-Import Bank, by Melissa Quinn;

Shinzo Abe’s Speech to Congress Marks a New Era in U.S. – Japan Relations, by Fred Fleitz;

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Jeb no longer in front, by A.B. Stoddard

…. and as two examples of how athletes can do good things in tough times — well, I’ve never before liked Ray Lewis, but here’s he’s talking a language the rioters might be able to understand, and it’s good to see him do it: I’ve Got a Message for the Rioters in Baltimore; by Ray Lewis;
…. and here is the Saints’ wonderful Ben Watson, again providing wisdom and perspective: Tonight I pray for the pastors, leaders, police and community of Baltimore, by Benjamin Watson