Exchanging Obamacare for patient freedom [re: a bill by Sen. Bill Cassidy], by David Hogberg.

Journalism school challenges media to get tougher on California’s Obamacare exchange, by Sharyl Attkisson.

Iran’s nuclear stockpile grows, complicating negotiations, by David Sanger and William Broad in the New York Times.

Democrats should live up to their own lectures, by Deroy Murdock.

Now, a trio on climate change. The latter two are separate iterations of an ongoing mission by longtime Capitol Hill staff leader Jim Guirard, a wise and savvy Louisianan.

The worst climate change canard, by Noah Rothman (in Commentary magazine).

By Jim Guirard: Meet the Branch Carbonian Cult’s actual “Deniers” and “Skeptics,” which builds on his earlier piece, The Branch Carbonian Cult (which has more terrific background info).

Finally, from the stiletto pen of my liberal Advocate colleague, to rather devastating effect: Reviews are in on Louisiana budget scheme: ‘shell game,’ ‘phantom fee,’ ‘nonsense on a stick,’ by Stephanie Grace.


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