We start today with a story that might make some a little squeamish, but it’s also extraordinarily moving, and eye-opening, and raises some very deep and important questions:
Baby Teddy Lived Less Than Two Hours, But He Saved Someone’s Life Before He Died, by Cora Sherlock;

Now, for the rest of the roundup:

Inside the Court: Judges Don’t Have a Crystal Ball on Marriage, by Ryan T. Anderson;

Stephanopoulos Aggressively Questions Peter Schweizer Over ‘Clinton Cash’, by Jeffrey Meyer;

… and while inclusion in my roundups does not necessarily imply endorsement of the ideas therein, I will note that this piece by my one-time boss Paul Greenberg is thoroughly endorse-able, apart from his put-down of Rick Santorum: The Huckabee Show Hits The Road — Again, by Paul Greenberg;

… and yet more on Huckabee: Nearly a Decade into Their Epic Feud, Huckabee and the Club for Growth Prepare to Fight Another Round, by Jim Geraghty;

… and from the thoughtful Left, an interesting mix of astute insights with some good and some very silly conclusions from those insights: Elite Universities Are Turning Our Kids Into Corporate Stooges, by Bryan Williams;

…. and, finally, from the world of sports, the most well-plugged-in NFL writer in the country predicts the draft:
The MMQB Mock Draft: Who Teams Will Pick, by Peter King