Government wants to confiscate raisin farmers’ crop, by George Will;

Mike Huckabee is Wrong about Medicare, by Jay Cost;

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….and from a combination of the world of sports and the world of the truly asinine, vicious, Christian-hating Left (to show that the asinine Left has a foothold in sports “journalism,” too), here’s somebody who really, really, really hates the idea that a good guy and good athlete named Tim Tebow might actually get another chance in the NFL:

Why The Hell Is Chip Kelly Signing Tim Tebow? Some Working Theories, by Drew Magary;

I for one am hoping that Tebow finds a niche and proves to be an invaluable asset who scores a few game-winning plays, and that somebody locks the nasty columnist in a room running an endless-loop video of Tebow’s triumph. — Quin