Why the Stakes in 2016 Are So High, by Fred Barnes;

This is very long, but extremely important:
Free Speech in Peril, by Myron Magnet; …
… especially in light of this:
Students Fear for Their Safety Because Conservatives Invited a Speaker to Campus, by Katherine Timpf;

… and, what was unmentioned in the above, the pathetic reaction of my former college paper, the Georgetown HOYA, editorializing in favor of closed minds and exquisitely sensitive feelings:
No More Distractions, by The Hoya Editorial Board;

If anyone wonders why our culture is struggling, that HOYA editorial — with its lack of logic, complete failure to understand the special role free debate should play in a university setting, and its assertion that feelings matter more than facts — is Exhibit One in the unfortunate case for pessimism.

Thank goodness, there still does exist, in certain quarters, an intermittently free-thinking Left:
The Questions Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want Answered About the Clinton Foundation, by Ron Fournier;

…and, finally, some graciousness from the world of sports, from the greatest player ever to put on a baseball uniform:
Willie Mays not worried about Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez reaching his milestone of 660 home runs, by Christian Red