Four columns from the Washington Examiner. Links to the full pieces are embedded in the headlines.

Bully donor Culverhouse aborts the truth in donor spat with Bama Law (June 10): A big-money, pro-abortion bully is taking it on the chin after he was caught lying in a dispute with the University of Alabama. At this point in the saga, it’s hard to think of anyone more deserving of the embarrassment….

California’s sex-ed law sickeningly promotes lewd conduct (June 14): 

There are times when the cultural divide between traditionalists and the misnamed “progressives” is so severe that it’s probably useless even to try to convince the latter of the rank inappropriateness of their ways. Unfortunately, children are involved, so the effort is required.

Such is the case with the near-atrocities being perpetrated upon California children due to the state’s 2015 sex education law. The worst report is that several schools have sponsored “condom races” in which 10- and 11-year-old girls compete to see who can be fastest at placing a prophylactic on an anatomically correct model of a male organ. Plus, according to the leader of a concerned parents group, pupils as young as 11 are being taught to experiment with oral and anal sex with their “partners.”

If you don’t understand why these things are hideously wrong — if you are not repulsed by it — you’re hopeless. The hypersexualization of students at such young ages is nothing short of child abuse. Adults who engage in such “instruction” of children should not be able to hide behind the idea that it is educational. They belong in jail….

A penalty for frivolous lawsuits should be baked into the cake (June 11): Another day, another vindictive lawsuit against now-famous Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips. His antagonist, who was also connected to an earlier lawsuit against him, is only demonstrating the need for laws against nuisance lawsuits, strictly enforced, with serious financial penalties for violations….

Preamble to Pebble Beach (June 12): Men’s golf continues to feature fascinating storylines as the U.S. Open begins Thursday at Pebble Beach Golf Links in California, probably the most famous (and certainly the most photographed) golf course in the United States….


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