(Dec. 18) Conservatives should stop wasting time on fruitless attempts to keep Donald Trump in office. We have far more important work to do.

The Electoral College has voted 306-232 to make Joe Biden president. Nothing will change that. People who still consider this result reversible misunderstand the Constitution, the statutes, and the political realities. It is time to recognize that even if significant vote fraud occurred in some places (which is probably true), the chances of changing the presidential outcome are gone.

Of course, efforts should continue to document whatever fraud did exist and to stop such things from happening again. Those attempts, though, must be made outside of the context of Trump’s tenure in office. By the rules of our system, especially the rules governing challenges of the apparent results, Trump lost. Period.

Nonetheless, massive amounts of time and effort, including emotional energy, continue to be misspent on Trump’s hopeless cause. Trump also is bleeding dry the funding sources that should be used for other purposes, including the two runoffs for U.S. Senate in Georgia. Indeed, plenty of others correctly have noted the numerous ways in which Trump’s electoral challenge is making it more difficult for the Republican, conservative candidates to win those Georgia races.


Georgia, though, is merely the most imminent concern. It is hardly the only one.

Biden will enter office just a month from now with aggressive plans for an early blitz of executive actions and legislative initiatives. He will enjoy a narrow majority in the House and a closely divided Senate in which several Republicans do agree with him on some priorities that conservatives oppose. He will benefit from fawning coverage by the establishment news media and major biases in his favor from tech giants, academia, and the entertainment world. Much of the federal bureaucracy, too, will cut corners where possible to help his agenda, whereas the administrative state largely opposed Trump.

In sum, conservatives face serious challenges in one short month. They are challenges against which it won’t work merely to “wing it.” It will require careful discernment and planning to battle against the combined forces of so-called progressivism. Planning and organization. And mobilization. And unity on the Right. Every day wasted on Trump’s fantasy of retaining power is a day ceded to those planning the Biden blitz….

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