By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner, whereby I explain that hard-line so-called conservatives are, via their obstinacy, rejecting honest moves in their direction and making it more likely, not less, that Obamacare remains intact. Shame on them for acting like radical French revolutionaries.

Reports from Capitol Hill today indicate rising exasperation among old-school conservatives about the shifting, raise-the-ante, refuse-to-say-“yes” demands from most members of the House Freedom Caucus, with regard to the upcoming vote on the House Republican healthcare bill.

The exasperation is well-justified.

The House Freedom Caucus is clearly driven by outside groups such as Heritage Action, which has become such an all-or-nothing, my-way-or-the-highway outfit that it makes Patrick Henry look like a compromising squish. It seems as if every concession made to the Freedom Caucus is met with a new demand.

I just returned from a barbecue place in conservative Mobile, Ala., where a longtime Republican activist stopped me and asked: “Are we going to get a health bill? Are these guys in Congress ever going to prove they can govern? Will they ever know when to get to ‘yes’? Are we ever going to stop making the perfect the enemy of the good?” This was a conservative stalwart in deep-red Alabama, not a centrist Long Island inheritor – and even he was disgusted by the House Freedom Caucus’ behavior.

The House leadership’s original bill contained a lot of good features but doubtless left much to be desired. Its policy mix was poorly cobbled together; the political groundwork for it was nearly non-existent; and the public relations surrounding its release was slow, muted and confused. But since then, the Trump White House and the leadership team have made yeomen’s efforts to improve the bill. They have listened, reconsidered, adjusted and reworked a number of provisions — especially by encouraging block grants and work requirements for Medicaid.

But the House Freedom Caucus leaders and their outside pressure groups have refused to get on board even to keep alive what surely will be the only vehicle to replace Obamacare that will come up this year….

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