(Sept. 3) The House Armed Services Committee abused daughters and granddaughters this week by voting that young women should be required to register for the military draft.

Four Republicans joined committee Democrats in voting for this provision, already approved in a Senate vote, which should be seen as anathema. In doing so, they subject women to conscription into the horrors of war and, if captured in combat, the abject terror and indecent violations entailed in forcible rape — also with, of course, the possible result that no man can experience, that of pregnancy.

t is one thing, deservedly controversial in itself , to allow women into front-line combat roles. At least up until now, the choice to enter the armed services was voluntary. It is quite another thing to require that women, as it is with men, be forced to make themselves available for military duty. Except for in a tiny nation whose very survival depends on being able to muster every healthy adult for national defense, the act of forcing women, effectively at the point of a gun, to wield arms against their will should be seen as not just wrong but barbaric.

Perhaps this position runs against the zeitgeist . The confused elite culture insists that “equality” means equal bearing of burdens, all burdens, as well as of opportunities. In this oh, so exalted viewpoint, the differences between men and women are so negligible as to be unworthy of serious consideration. After all, goes the sentiment, we’re all just “assigned” a “gender” at birth, right? Biological sex? Nothing more than a “social construct.”

Some of us troglodytes still are sure this viewpoint is arrant poppycock. Men and women are different….

All the cultural superstructure that once attended the actual celebration of different societal roles for men and women weren’t just some sort of evil work by patriarchy — they were based on clearly observed, biological differences. Human nature itself favors some such distinctions. That’s why, for example, notions of chivalry developed and why chivalry remains admirable no matter how many of the “woke” brigades and ardent feminists object…. [The rest of the column is here.]


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