At NRO today, I give kudos to Speaker John Boehner and various committee chiefs who are pushing some really good legislation, in a bipartisan way, that achieves Medicare reforms people of all sides, especially conservatives, should like. Please read about it here.

One more note: Budget experts agree this change will “add” to the deficit in the short term. But that’s only because reforms like this must be phased in to give individuals a chance to plan for the changes. These reforms not only will save more in the long term than the relative pittance lost in the short term, but also will save more than the pittance plus the interest on the pittance. Almost as importantly, it sets a precedent for other necessary reforms of Medicare that not only will save money and operate more rationally and fairly, but also promote the right approach to government, one where competition and incentives replace bureaucratic red tape.

Not only is this the right medicine, but it’s not even bitter; it’s medicine that should taste good going down.


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