Three pieces by Quin (links embedded in headlines);

California coddling kids who misbehave badly (April 25): California appears poised to move further into self-destructive cultural madness as its lawmakers advance a bill to prohibit school principals from suspending students for “willful defiance” of faculty and staff. This is exactly the worst thing legislators can do for schoolchildren. It means lawmakers would be taking even more authority away from adults whose job it is to maintain the order that makes learning possible….

A Battle Cry for Freedom… on College Campuses (April 17): 

It’s time to wage not just ideational but economic warfare against leftist academia. Three recent events add to growing evidence of the academic Left’s malevolent nature….

These assaults against the free exchange of ideas are, of course, common these days on college campuses. They cannot be allowed to continue. Academia’s embrace of speech codes, suppression of nonconforming thought, and allowance of hooliganism must somehow be “resisted, rejected … defeated,” and punished.

But how?….

Scholars launch battle for campus free speech (April 26):

Scholars, lawyers, and writers who cherish free speech are fighting back in earnest against the dangerous smothering of unfettered expression on college campuses nationwide. Good for them. This fight that must be waged, and won.

More than 300 thought leaders this week released a statement called “Free to Speak: Reforming the Higher Education Act.” It is a stirring call for legislative action aimed at “holding colleges accountable when they do not respect intellectual freedom.” Noting that the federal Higher Education Act is due for reauthorization this year, the statement demands that Congress provide enforcement mechanisms for the law’s existing but unenforced clauses meant to protect students’ rights to speech, assembly, and religion.

“Public institutions with restrictive speech zones and speech codes, discriminatory treatment of religious student groups, and other policies and practices that violate the First Amendment must be stripped of eligibility for federal student loans and grants,” says the manifesto….


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