Liberal media ignores attack on swimmer Riley Gaines (April 13):

Here’s a thought experiment demonstrating that journalistic ethics aren’t just dying at top liberal media outlets but are already deceased.

Imagine if Lia Thomas, the biological male who won a 2022 NCAA women’s national swimming championship, had been duly invited to speak at conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan. Imagine if a mob of Hillsdale students had shouted Thomas down, yelling vile curses and threats, then chased Thomas down the hallway, allegedly hit him twice, and forced Thomas into a locked room for three hours while refusing to let him leave unless the university paid them, the mob, to let Thomas go.

There is not a shred of doubt that every major liberal media outlet in the country would cover the story for days on end. And if the president of Hillsdale then issued a statement expressing more sympathy for the students than for Thomas, every Sunday morning news show in the country would feature pundit panels universally condemning the president.

Yet when the ideological roles are reversed, the liberal media pretend nothing happened…..

George Washington University nixes Colonials (March 27):  AGeorge Washington University last week narrowed its options to four choices to replace its “Colonials” nickname, the steady anti-American efforts to erase history take another innocent victim.

To suggest that, in the context of Washington, the Colonials’ nickname is offensive is to take performative over-sensitivity to new levels…..

Colleges cost more than they are worth (April 3)

Cornell actually stands against snowflakes (April 3):  Big-time colleges so rarely have attacks of momentary sanity these days that it’s highly newsworthy when one really does exercise good judgment.

Forgive, then, a few exuberant hosannas for Cornell University for rejecting a collegiate snowflake demand for mandatory “trigger warnings.” The school’s Student Assembly voted unanimously — doesn’t anyone think for herself anymore? — to “require instructors who present graphic traumatic content that may trigger the onset of symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to provide advance notice to students and refrain from penalizing students who opt out of exposure to such content.”….




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