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  • Strong House freshman class

    Strong House freshman class

    The day before the election, at National Review Online, I looked forward to an exceedingly strong possible incoming class of U.S. House freshmen (along with some other good ones just […]

  • Impressed, Not Impressed

    Impressed, Not Impressed

    Not impressed with Chris Christie. Why Louisianans should be impressed with Gov. Jindal (but aren’t). Why Louisianans should not be offended with a postcard (and not impressed with Secretary of […]

  • Shelby hoards; Obama fails

    Shelby hoards; Obama fails

    While Democratic candidates for the Senate sink in the polls, largely due to their direct affiliations with the failures of Barack Obama, Alabama’s Sen. Richard Shelby sits on an $18 […]

  • The Rot within Common Core

    The Rot within Common Core

    My latest column for the Mobile Press-Register and, limited to 600 words, gives concrete examples of how Common Core’s supposed “integration” of academic disciplines with each other actually leads […]

  • Victory!!! (?) (Sales Tax to be Reversed!)

    Victory!!!   (?)  (Sales Tax to be Reversed!)

    The public spoke, and the Mobile City Council apparently has listened. Now even Councilman Fred Richardson, a longtime, straightforward advocate of a permanent extension of Mobile’s “extra penny” sales tax […]

  • Fire the Mobile City Council. Now.

    Fire the Mobile City Council. Now.

    In just 21 minutes today, six members of the City Council of Mobile (all but Bess Rich) broke faith with the citizens of Mobile, sandbagged taxpayers, hurt the city’s long-term […]

  • Mary Landrieu, Agonistes

    Mary Landrieu, Agonistes

    More by a confluence of circumstances than through intent, I wrote three different pieces on Mary Landrieu last week, with her re-election race heating up and several controversies dogging her. […]


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