I have been very slow to update this site, so there is a plethora of material to share.

First, separate features on two candidates for the U.S. Senate (Ed Gillespie in Virginia, Jeff Bell in New Jersey) whom I have known for a long time. Both are seen at least somewhat as long shots, but I explain why each has a chance — and why we should pull for them.

Another solid citizen, former Democratic U.S. Rep. Artur Davis of Alabama, now a Republican, is considering running for mayor of Montgomery, AL. Here’s why we should care.

Meanwhile, Democratic dynasties lose their luster. In Louisiana, though, legatee Mary Landrieu may well be helped by a spoiler named Rob Maness.

In sports, our golfers should stop whining about Tom Watson, ditch their huge entourages, and learn how to win. It’s also time to stop bashing the NFL. And, where politics intersect with sports, onetime U.S. Sen. Larry Pressler of South Dakota, trying to make a comeback (Lord forbid), had some peculiar priorities (tennis, anyone – at love?) in the 1980s.

In Louisiana, I long have supported the policies of Gov. Bobby Jindal. But his low popularity at home might undermine his careful (and well thought-out) efforts to move into the top tier of presidential contenders.

Also in Louisiana — and if you read anything today, please read these two columns — I make news on one  of the more important environmental issues of our lifetimes by joining with liberal author John Barry, my sparring adversary with regard to the misguided wetlands-related lawsuit against oil companies, to call for a new fee (with very old roots) for oil/gas pipelines/processing through the wetlands, going forward. Still, and importantly, I explain why a coastal levy/fee is good in the future, while the retrospective lawsuit is unfair.

Well, that’s plenty for now. Please come back to this site regularly, because I promise to update it far more regularly myself.


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