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Rep. Ilhan Omar has more anti-Semitism on her schedule

If Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., really wants to avoid being branded as an anti-Semite, she will cancel her planned speech later this month for a group, which is considered by foreign governments to be a terrorist-financing organization.

Omar is scheduled to speak Feb. 23 in Tampa at what is labeled a Yemen Emergency Dinner sponsored by Islamic Relief USA, or IRUSA. Islamic Relief, which has chapters in 20 nations, has been branded a terror financier by the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Russian authorities, the Swiss bank UBS, the British bank HSBC

, and reports by governmental entities in Germany and Sweden all have determined that Islamic Relief has supported radical Islamist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood….

At the dinner in Tampa, one of the other three featured speakers alongside Omar is IRUSA’s “East Zone Manager,” Yousef Abdallah, who on his social media accounts repeatedly has promoted violent anti-Semitism….

Omar offers absurd excuse for anti-Semitic scheduling:

A controversial speaker advertised as sharing a podium later this month with Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., was removed late yesterday afternoon from the promotional materials for the event after my Washington Examiner piece (and a similar story by the Jerusalem Post) highlighted Omar’s scheduled participation.

Omar press aide Jeremy Slevin sent several Twitter direct messages to me last night asserting that the other speaker, one Yousef Abdallah, not only was not on the program, but had never been scheduled to speak at the dinner in question. Yet Abdallah had been prominently featured as one of the slated speakers both in flyers and in online advertisements for the event since at least Jan. 31, in other words, for at least 13 days, possibly longer….

I then turned to Syed Hassan, a spokesman for IRUSA. ….

Celebrate a major bust of Neo-Nazis:

In a story “just across the wire” that promises to offer a lot of other great detail, the FBI and Justice Department look to have hit a grand slam in Arkansas by moving to take down a gang of violent white supremacists.

Groups like the New Aryan Empire are diseased barnacles befouling the bulwarks of American society, so it is an encouraging thing to see their membership ensnared in a major racketeering indictment….



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