(May 13) President Joe Biden probably doesn’t want to “destroy America in order to save it.” If he did want to do that, though, and if he knew what he was doing, he would be doing exactly what he’s doing now.

For the long-term health of the United States, Biden’s first four months in office have been among the most destructive of my lifetime.

Already, Biden is creating a legacy of labor shortages, a border crisis, dangerous debt, massive inflationary pressures, leftist cultural warfare, racial divisiveness, rising crime, and feckless foreign policy. And while the past week’s gasoline shortages due to a ransomware attack aren’t his fault (except at the margins), his failure to hold Russia’s Vladimir Putin accountable could serve as encouragement for similar future attacks.

Multiple columns could be written on each of the subjects above. And fairness compels recognition that some of these ills already were growing under former president Donald Trump, some due to his direct policy choices. Yet, even in those cases, Biden’s actions and efforts already have gone well beyond Trump’s spendthrift, divisive folly.

Suffice it to say that an already debt-ridden nation shouldn’t be pushing for $6 trillion of new spending in which things unrelated to coronavirus relief are called coronavirus relief, things having nothing to do with infrastructure are labeled “infrastructure,” along with an American Family Plan that would undermine the family. Likewise, promising free healthcare for illegal immigrants while trying to ban deportations and supporting “sanctuary cities” for criminal immigrants is an obvious means of exacerbating the border crisis Biden directly catalyzed.

Meanwhile, pushing anti-American, racist garbage on public schools, using constitutionally dubious means, all while stressing racial and gender identity politics in every conceivable way, Biden threatens to turn the U.S. motto on its head. By repeatedly emphasizing and exacerbating differences instead of celebrating commonality, Biden’s team is turning E Pluribus Unum (“out of many, one”) into its opposite, Ex Uno Plures (“out of one, many”). It is a direct renunciation of the American tradition from Ben Franklin to Martin Luther King, Jr., and it’s a moral outrage…. [The full column is at this link.]


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