(Jan. 11) President Joe Biden’s speech in Atlanta on Tuesday was much more about suppression of the truth than it was about suppression of the vote.

Mr. “Unify the Country” Biden continued his party’s viciously and deliberately mendacious attempts to label more than half of U.S. citizens as enemies of democracy itself. Anyone who disagrees with Democrats’ agenda or tries to insist on reasonable measures to ensure the integrity of voting is now an “enemy of the people.”

It’s not enough to explain soberly but respectfully why they disagree with traditional measures such as requiring identification to vote. Instead, Biden and other Democrats must ascribe nefarious and imaginary motives to Republicans, equating GOP officials with virulent racists and insurrectionists.

When Biden and company spread this calumny — that Republican positions are not just misguided, but “sinister” — it is they, not the Republicans, who are un-American. Indeed, what is by reasonable definition un-American is New York City’s new law allowing people to vote in municipal elections who aren’t even U.S. citizens, a direct and ludicrous assault on the very meaning of citizenship, against which Biden has raised not a peep.

Whereas vast majorities of all ethnicities consistently support the voter ID requirements that Biden labels as being akin to Jim Crow laws, it is a lead-pipe cinch that most believe it is virtually insane to allow, for instance, a citizen of red China temporarily domiciled in the United States to vote in any U.S. election.

Biden and his fellow Democrats spent 30 years raising not a peep about ballot security while pushing radically lenient voting provisions such as same-day voter registration, a key facet of the misnamed “voting rights” bill they are pushing in Congress. But far more believe the rules ensuring voting integrity are not strict enough than believe it is too difficult for eligible citizens to vote…. [The full column is here.]


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